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​Ragusa Baroque & Montalbano Tour

​Daily Program Tour is a route that involves visiting the most significant and fascinating locations in the Ragusa area in a very short time (5/8 hours); we will visit Donnafugata Castle, Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Scicli and Punta Secca, the main locations of the TV series "Inspector Montalbano".
The Tour can be done in a "half day", lasting 5 hours, or in a "full day", lasting 8 hours, according to your needs: half day for a "hit and run" and to get curious, full day whole to "taste" some details that will fascinate you!!!
The basic program includes as a first stop the visit to the Donnafugata Castle, a "sumptuous" noble residence in neo-Gothic style, immersed in the greenery of the Ragusa countryside, where it will be possible to visit the interiors and the park full of vegetation and some fun "distractions ", created to brighten the days of the Castle's guests, including the "Labyrinth" made with dry stone walls in Ragusa stone; the second stop will be Ragusa Ibla or Ragusa Inferiore (Iusu), where we can admire the monumental noble palaces and the majestic late Baroque style churches including Palazzo Cosentini, with its "mascheroni" in limestone, and the Cathedral of San Giorgio , dedicated to the patron saint of the city; third stop will be the city of Modica, the city of the "County", one of the largest Sicilian cities until the early twentieth century, also rich in palaces and baroque churches; the fourth stop will be the city of Scicli, the most scenic of the late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto, built on the intersection of three torrential "valleys", with houses, palaces and churches that climb up and are set in the limestone rock of the Iblei Mountains ; finally, after having skirted the seaside town of Sampieri, where the ruins of the Fornace Penna are located, a factory for the production of bricks from the early twentieth century, known as "La Mannara" in the TV series "The Inspector Montalbano", crossed the hamlet of Donnalucata, one of the small seaside villages of the Ragusa coast, along the seafront of Marina di Ragusa, the main seaside resort of the Ragusa coast, we will reach the small seaside town of Punta Secca, home to the "Casa di Montalbano", a beautiful villa on the sea of the early twentieth century, chosen by the production of the famous fiction and made known throughout the world just as the "Villetta di Marinella" described by Camilleri in his novels; after a walk along the picturesque seafront and a refreshing granita we will return to the office.
The "full day" program includes departure at 9:00 am from your facility and return at 5:00 pm with a stop at a restaurant serving typical homemade cuisine (not included in the price and to be confirmed at the time of booking) where you can enjoy a sumptuous lunch.
The "half day" program includes departure at 9:00 am and return to the facility at 2:00 pm; in particular, quick stops will be made at Donnafugata Castle and Punta Secca, while in the other locations we will make stops of around 40 minutes.

Upon request and subject to availability, it will be possible to have a Specialized Tourist Guide.




Daily Program Tour

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