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Arte & Cultura Tour

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and, thanks also to its geographical position, it has always played a role of great importance in the historical events that have characterized the "Mar Grande".
This succession of multiple civilizations has enriched Sicily with urban settlements, monuments and vestiges of the past which make the island one of the privileged places where history can be relived through the images of the signs that time has not scratched and which it has handed down up to the present day.
The Art and Culture Tours are programs designed for all those who want to discover Sicily in its entire historical journey: from Prehistory to today, passing from the Elymians, the Sicels and the Sikans, then to the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Romans, subsequently to the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans and the Aragonese, and again to the Spanish, the Bourbons and finally to the Kingdom of Italy.
The history of Sicily to be relived in the wonderful monuments left by our ancestors!!!

Taormina & Giardini Naxos

Don't you know the Sicilian Tourist Capital?

Our Tour will take you to discover this splendid Sicilian town, perched on the southern slopes of the Peloritani Mountains which descend to the sea.

La Valle dei Templi

Have you never visited the Valley of Temples?

Our Tour will take you back in time, to discover the civilization that colonized the whole of Sicily, traveling through the most important archaeological site on the island.

Siracusa & Noto

Have you heard of the “Sicilian Baroque”?

Our Tour will take you to discover this fascinating architectural style that characterized the Val di Noto in the years following the devastating earthquake of 1693.

Piazza Armerina - Morgantina- Enna

Do you know the Roman Villa del Casale?

Our tour will take you to discover this wonderful building, famous for its mosaics dating back to the "Constantinian" period; discovering the highest province in Italy.

Catania e la Riviera dei Ciclopi

Have you never visited the city of the Elephant and the Riviera of the Cyclops?

Our tour will take you to discover the city of Etna and "Liotro", with its Baroque style buildings and monuments from the Roman era.

Monreale - Palermo - Mondello

Don't you know the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily?

Our Tour will take you to discover the history of this beautiful symbolic city of Sicily; starting from the Phoenicians, passing through the Romans, the Byzantines, the Saracens and the Normans.

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