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Tour of South-Eastern Sicily

"Eastern Sicily Tour" weekly program will take you through the most famous tourist locations in South-Eastern Sicily, you will visit the cities of art such as Syracuse, Noto and Taormina, you will admire the archaeological sites such as the Valley of the Temples and the Mosaics of Piazza Armerina, you will discover the spectacular nature and the sea such as Etna and the Scala dei Turchi, you will get to know the "places of Montalbano" and finally you will taste the traditions of Sicilian food and wine.
This program has been designed to offer the opportunity to those traveling alone, with a family or in small groups to savor and discover Sicily at a very affordable price and with always new company every day; departure is scheduled from all the facilities located in the territories of Vittoria, Comiso, Santa Croce, Acate and Ragusa, as well as in the seaside resorts of Scoglitti, Punta Secca, Punta Braccetto and Marina di Ragusa.
For Wednesday we give you the possibility to choose between two options: "Mosaics & ceramics" with a visit to the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina and the historic center of Caltagiorne, or "Oil, wine & ceramics" with a visit to the Chiaramonte Gulfi oil museum and the Acate wine companies, as well as a visit to the historic center of Caltagirone; the choice of route must be made during the booking phase and the actual confirmation will be given based on the availability of the companies and also based on the number of registrations collected based on the minimum of 4 and the maximum of 8 people for each minibus.
  • MONDAY: "The Baroque of Val di Noto"
Syracuse - Noto - Marzamemi
Tour of the Province of Syracuse with first stop at Neapolis Archaeological Park (for a fee) where the Greek Theatre, the Roman Amphitheater and the Ear of Dionysius are located; subsequently we will move to the Ortigia's Island, the ancient Polis of Syracousai, where starting from the remains of the Apollo's Temple and going up the characteristic streets, we will reach Piazza Duomo where we will visit the big Cathedral. After lunch we will move towards Noto, the baroque city par excellence, where, walking along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, we can admire the major monuments of Baroque art including the Basilica of San Niccolò, Palazzo Nicolaci and the Church of San Carlo; in the afternoon we will move to Marzamemi, a small seaside village located almost on the extreme tip of Sicily, built around the Tonnara, the true heart of the fishing history of the village.
  • TUESDAY: "The Pearl of Sicily"
Etna - Taormina
Departure for the excursion to the highest active volcano in Europe and stop to visit the Silvestri Craters, reachable on foot, or the Summit Craters to be reached by cable car (for a fee); after lunch, we will move towards Taormina, the capital of Sicilian tourism, where we will be able to visit the Ancient Theater with its breathtaking view, the Villa Comunale with its great variety of flowers and plants from all over the world but also of singular buildings with an exotic taste, Palazzo Corvaja a splendid noble villa, the Cathedral with its austere stone façade dedicated to San Nicola, as well as the inevitable walk along Corso Umberto I with a stop in Piazza IX Aprile to admire the fantastic panorama. In the afternoon, upon returning, we will make a short stop in Mazzarò to admire the scenic Isola Bella and the splendid sea of Taormina.
  • WEDNESDAY': "Mosaics & ceramics" or "Oil, wine and ceramics"
Piazza Armerina - Caltagirone
Mosaics and Ceramics Tour will take you to the "Heart" of Sicily, to discover the Villa Romana del Casale, a late Roman patrician construction (Constantinian Age), where the famous mosaics are found, among the best preserved over time (entrance to payment); after visiting the site we will move to the historic center of Caltagirone, a picturesque baroque city in the province of Catania, famous for its ceramics, with which the Stairway of Santa Maria del Monte is decorated which, with its 142 steps in lava stone, connects the old (lower) part to the new (higher) one.

Chiaramonte Gulfi - Acate - Caltagirone
This tour starts from Chiaramonte Gulfi, a picturesque mountain village nestled between the slopes of the Iblei Mountains, where we will take a walk through the streets of the charming historic center and visit the olive oil museum (for a fee); in the late morning we will move towards Acate, one of the small towns in the Vittoria plain, famous for the production of wines, where we will make a short visit to the historic center and then move to one of the many wineries in the area for a tasting/lunch (by reservation and for a fee). After lunch we will leave for Caltagirone, where we will visit the historic center where the Cathedral of San Giuliano, the Public Garden, several Baroque style buildings and the Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte.
  • THURSDAY: "Valley of Temples"
Agrigento - Scala dei Turchi
Valley of Temples of Agrigento's Tour includes a visit to the Archaeological Park (for a fee), to which we will dedicate the morning, to allow you to calmly admire the majesty of these enormous constructions and take you back in time to discover the Greek civilization which for first it dominated and enriched Sicily. In the late morning, along some of the streets that inspired Andrea Camilleri in the writing of his novels, including those that tell of Inspector Montalbano's investigations, we will arrive at the beach of Realmonte, better known as the "Scala dei Turchi", where it will be possible to do a relaxing walk with the possibility of swimming. Upon request and subject to availability, lunch can be consumed at a home-made restaurant from where it is possible to admire a splendid image of the Valley. Upon request and subject to availability, it will be possible to have a Specialized Tourist Guide.
  • FRIDAY: "The Baroque of Montalbano"
Donnafugata - Ragusa - Scicli - Punta Secca
Departure for Donnafugata, an eighteenth-century residence surrounded by nature, stop for the visit and subsequent departure for Ragusa "Superiore" from which, after having walked the main streets and visited the Basilica of San Giovanni Battista, we will descend towards "Ibla", the most picturesque part of the city with its houses perched on the slopes of the hills; here we will have the opportunity to admire some of the most beautiful baroque buildings including Palazzo Cosentini, Palazzo La Rocca, the Cathedral of San Giorgio and the Palazzo Arezzo of Donnafugata until we reach the Ibleo Garden inside which there is the Capuchin Convent and other churches .
After lunch we will move to Scicli, the most scenic of the baroque cities chosen by director Sironi as the backdrop to Montalbano's "Vigata" and home, among other things, to the building used as the Commissariat in the famous TV series, where we will be able to admire the Beneventano and Fava Palaces with the characteristic Baroque style representations as well as many other churches present in the small municipal area; finally, along the wonderful coast, we will reach the seaside village of Punta Secca, home to the villa known as the "Casa di Montalbano" in the town of Marinella.
  • SATURDAY: "Baroque of County"
Modica - Ispica - Donnalucata
The first stop of this day will be at the "Cava d'Ispica", the valley that connects Modica to Ispica, where there are prehistoric settlements; subsequently we will move to Modica in the "Upper" part where we will see the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista and, walking along the suggestive streets, we will reach the Castello dei Conti. Continuing our walk we could not help but notice the Cathedral of San Giorgio, the eighteenth-century "mother church" of Modica built in Baroque style from which, descending the 164 steps of the spectacular staircase, we will reach Modica "Bassa", the true heart and center historic city, full of palaces and churches as well as shops and places where you can taste the best Modican specialties including chocolate.
After lunch we will move towards the town of Ispica, where we will visit the Forza Archaeological Park located in the southern part of Cava d'Ispica and, subsequently, we will take a walk through the streets of the historic center where we will be able to admire the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with the adjoining Sinatra Loggia, the Basilica of the SS. Annunziata, the Mother Church of San Bartolomeo and finally Palazzo Bruno di Belmonte, the most important Art Nouveau building in the entire Ragusa area.
In the afternoon, we will move for a short walk to the small seaside village of Donnalucata where we will take a short walk along the picturesque seafront.
  • SUNDAY:  “The Ippari Valley”
Vittoria – Comiso - Marina di Ragusa
Visit to the historic center of Vittoria, the "youngest" city in the province of Ragusa, known as the city of "Liberty" for the many homes built in this architectural style, but also rich in "Late Baroque" and "Neoclassical" style buildings ”; you can visit the Municipal Theatre, the Church of the Graces with the adjoining monastery, the Church of San Giovanni Battista, Patron Saint of the city, and the ancient Castle of Vittoria Colonna Enriquez, founder of the city.
In the late morning we will move to Comiso where we will take a walk through the streets of the picturesque historic center of medieval origin starting from Piazza Fonte Diana, which takes its name from the Roman Baths of Diana, found under the road, where several neoclassical buildings stand including the Town Hall; a few steps from the square we find the Basilica of Maria SS. Annunziata, the Cathedral of Santa Maria delle Stelle or Mother Church and the Church of San Biagio, patron saint of the city, in front of which stands the Castello dei Naselli d'Aragona from the Renaissance era.
For lunch we will move to Scoglitti, the small seaside town in the hamlet of Vittoria; in the afternoon we will reach the seaside village of Marina di Ragusa, a hamlet of Ragusa, and the "capital" of Ragusa's summer and seaside tourism.
For those wishing to opt for booking the entire weekly package, we offer three other economical solutions of which the first is "low" which includes only the minivan journey as per the itinerary, the second is "middle" to which lunch at a restaurant is added typical in the various locations and finally the third "full" in which a package is offered including overnight stay in a B&B with full board.
In any case, prices and availability are subject to reconfirmation at the time of booking and require a minimum of 4 participants; for the "full" option you will be provided with information on the structure that will welcome you.

Weekly Program

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